Innovation is at the core of Twin City Bio's mission to save and sustain lives. We develop innovative therapies that address needs to increase access to care; enhance clinical outcomes and improve efficiency.

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Addressing the increasing pressure for pharmaceutical companies to bring clinical candidates through their pipeline faster and with greater efficiency, we provide expert pharmaceutical development solutions. You can count on our manufacturing expertise to reliably deliver your product on time, every time.

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Since 1993

What we do

Twin City Bio is a premier service provider in the regenerative medicine industry helping cell and gene therapies be safer, more effective, scalable, and affordable. We provide contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as research institutions and hospitals involved in cutting edge cell therapy.

Our development and manufacturing solutions include:

  • Process Development and Validation
  • Process Optimization and Scale-up
  • Cell Line and Medium Optimization
  • Assay Development and Validation
  • Gene Therapy Manufacturing
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Clinical Production Distribution
  • Regulatory Services




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