Our Story

We’ve been around for a while and we’re proud of the company we’ve built which is why we want you to know we are here for you today and we’ll be here for you tomorrow too. That’s the Twin City Bio way.

There are lots of CDMOs in the world. But none quite like Twin City Bio. Despite the scale and size of our company, we conduct our business in the right way, by respecting all stakeholders at all times and delivering value for money to our clients.


Our Services

We develop cell therapy strategies that are more efficient, safer and have fewer side effects then current standards of care.  With manufacturing teams at the ready, we are able to fulfill the needs of all our clients’ developmental processes and clinical trials. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities meet regulatory requirements and employ the latest production technologies, allowing for maximum flexibility and short turn-around times.

Meet the Team

Twin City Bio averages more than twenty years of experience, with over 150 years cumulative, in the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and device products. They are guided by a vision to bring transformational medical technology to patients and are advancing multiple products through clinical development toward commercialization.


Deepak Jain


Dr. Jain co-founded and joined RegenMedTX in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer and has over 33 years of experience in biotechnology, tissue engineering, cell therapy and regenerative medicine bioprocess research & development and GMP manufacturing. Before joining RegenMedTX, Dr. Jain was Senior Vice President of Bioprocess R&D and Technical Operations at Tengion responsible for bioprocess research, process development and clinical manufacturing of advanced regenerative medicine and cell therapy products including urinary bladder replacement and kidney regeneration. Prior to Tengion, Dr. Jain was the Executive Director of Process Development and Manufacturing Technical Support at Advanced Tissue Sciences responsible for development of human-based tissue engineered products for therapeutic applications in the skin, cartilage and cardiovascular areas. Dr. Jain has held several positions of increasing technical and management responsibility at Merck and Johnson & Johnson, leading the development of biotechnology products with a focus on recombinant proteins. Dr. Jain was instrumental in the development and manufacturing support of J&J’s multi-billion dollar product for the treatment of anemia. More recently, Dr. Jain was as a full-time consultant for Baxter Corporation responsible for establishing a commercial manufacturing facility overseas for a marketed recombinant protein. Dr. Jain is accomplished at directing product development from research to the clinic, process scale-up, technology transfers, GMP facility design, process validation and manufacturing of biotechnology-derived recombinant proteins and tissue engineered cell therapy and regenerative medicine products. He is highly experienced in regulatory CMC submissions for biologics, devices and combination products. Dr. Jain serves as the Chairman of Cell Therapy Ad hoc Advisory Panel for United States Pharmacopoeia and served as a member of USP’s Biologics & Biotechnology Expert Committee. Dr. Jain has also served as Chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials Task Group on Preservation of Cells and Tissue Engineered Medical Product’s with Cells. Dr. Jain has over 70 publications, presentations and abstracts, two book chapters and many patents in the field biologics, tissue engineering, cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Dr. Jain received a PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in Biochemical Engineering.


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