GMP manufacturing

Providing the highest quality of cGMP cell therapy manufacturing and related services

Quality & Regulation

Controlled biopreservation, storage, and distribution with compliance and regulatory support.



Twin City Bio is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, USA housing our research and development and process development laboratories.  Our GMP facility consists of several clean rooms for sterile production. Within this multi-purpose production facility, we can conduct a variety of projects in parallel depending on the needs of our customers, while ensuring the highest standards of quality according to GMP.

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Twin City Bio has facility equipment monitoring with automated alarm reporting, HVAC system and uninterrupted power supply for all critical equipment in the clean room and laboratories.

Twin City Bio also provides GMP cryo-storage capacity for the cryopreservation of cellular products in a 24/7 monitored cryofacility. It satisfies the highest technological and methodological standards currently available in the fields of molecular and cell biology, immunology, and cell culture.



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